A New Way of Working

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It's a new experience for me to provide health services from my house. For the last 7 years, I've been going door to door and visiting people's homes to care for their health needs. But now, while I am still recovering from the Cesarean delivery and taking care of my newborn son, people are willing to come here to my home to see me.  Sometimes, when several of them are gathered in front of my house, it looks like a doctor's waiting room!

I still do home visits to the houses that are close to me. In fact, I visited 12 different households in the past month.  I treated 7 children for pneumonia. I'm happy to say there have been no diarrhea cases during this period.

I am continuing to use the skills I learned in the sustainability training from Save the Children. That training taught me to support my work by selling medicine and health services to people who need it. So far, I've done about 1800 Taka worth of business (about $20) and earned 500 Taka (about $6) to support myself so I can continue my work. Most of my income has come from selling pneumonia medication for children, measuring the blood pressure of older people, doing pregnancy tests, and treating common diseases like fever, cough, cold and stomach acidity. I encourage people to take responsibility for their own health.

My baby son Taha is breastfeeding frequently and we want to continue the exclusive breastfeeding for six months.  This is what's best for his health and what I always recommend other mothers should do. Taha weighs more than 6 pounds now.  His birth weight was 5.91 pounds. I am hoping I will be able to resume my work in full swing next month.