Too Much Medicine

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7 month old Yasmin and mom smiling for a photo

Yasin is 7 months old. Until a month ago he was healthy, but when his mother started adding food to his diet, in addition to breast milk, Yasin got diarrhea. His mother, Mahfuza, didn’t know what to do so she went to the local pharmacy. They prescribed three types of medicine. I ran into Mahfuza when she was on her way back from the pharmacy.  I could see right away that Yasin was not well so I asked a few questions. I explained to Mahfuza that her son was in the early stages of diarrhea. I said he did not need all that medicine and suggested she only needed to give him oral rehydration salts (ORS). Mahfuza told me: “I have faith in you Afia, so I will start with only the ORS.” The next day, I went to visit Yasin, and was pleased to see him feeling better and playing happily.