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Can help provide:

  • Soap, a clean baby wrap and knit baby cap
  • Guidance on newborn care and breastfeeding
  • Counseling and treatment for diarrhea


Can help provide:

  • Respiration timer and antibiotics to diagnose and treat pneumonia
  • Treatment for malaria and malaria nets
  • Counseling for parents on preventing HIV/AIDS in a newborn


Can help provide:

  • Equipment for a midwife to resuscitate a newborn
  • Cooler for local vaccination days
  • Health worker tools like thermometers, flashlights and measuring spoons


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How will my donation help?

The items listed above are representative of items that will be provided by your donation. Your gift, when combined with the gifts of other caring donors, can provide the training, equipment and support needed to help prevent and treat the biggest threats to children and families where the need is greatest.