Meet Our Health Workers

Kampung Cirendeng, Indonesia
Ade starts her newborn visits each day at 6 a.m., averaging 20 to 30 house calls for each week and delivering about 10 babies each month.
West Rajguru, Bangladesh
Afia is treated like an extended member of the family by many mothers and children in her village.
Jonasi Village, Dowa District, Malawi
Chisomo found a clever way to reduce diarrhea cases in his village. Now he has time to treat more serious illnesses.
Health Worker Desita Bidan
Seuneubok Lhong, Aceh Province, Indonesia
It took Desita a year to win the trust of the people in her village, but now women come to her for help giving birth and caring for newborns.
Xachmochán Village, Guatemala
Felix considers his job as a local health worker to be like school – every day he gets to learn something new.
Kongwe, Dowa District, Malawi
Madalitso travels more than three miles every day to visit sick newborns and their mothers in her village and surrounding areas. During the rainy season, these trips become especially difficult.
Satiguila Village, Mali
Salif helps treat and prevent malaria, diarrhea, and the acute respiratory infections that plague the young children of his village.