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Afia is an action hero – the Bangladeshi Wonder Woman, if you will.

Afia Afroze is an action hero – the Bangladeshi Wonder Woman, if you will. As a frontline health worker, she dedicates her life to the health of mothers and children in her village. 

Since 2005, Afia has been counseling families on nutrition and hygiene; treating children’s illnesses; and caring for pregnant moms and newborn babies. Oh, and did we mention - she literally saves lives?

Yes! Saving lives! Evidence shows implementing strategic plans to foster frontline health workers drastically reduces child deaths in some of the world’s hardest to reach places. In Afia’s native Bangladesh, increased training and support for frontline health workers has been lifesaving. Frontline health workers have helped cut  their child mortality rate by more than half.

As a result, Bangladesh remains on track for achieving Millennium Development Goal 4 (MDG 4)– a two thirds reduction in child mortality around the world by 2015. But not every country is on track. In fact, at the rate we are going on MDG 4, as many as 4.3 million additional children could die of preventable deaths in 2015.

With just over two years until the deadline, we must “bend the curve” – and speed progress to meet the child survival goal. Sounds like a job for an action hero!

But Afia can’t do it alone, and as any good comic book fan would tell you, every action hero needs a sidekick. That’s where you come in.

On June 14 and 15, the US government, in partnership with the governments of Ethiopia and India, are gathering for the Child Survival Call to Action in Washington, DC. This high-level forum is dedicated to ending preventable child deaths within a generation.  These governments, along with leading experts on child survival, will discuss issues that currently contribute to the vast majority of child deaths around the world. And, more importantly, they’ll be taking action to end preventable child deaths.

So here’s your call to action. Take a moment to sign our petition urging world leaders to make child survival priority. If we’re going to help save the world, we’re going to need a lot more action heroes, and sidekicks.